"Amazing as always! Love Tony!"

-Angie S.

"Tony is the best. Totally worth it!"

-Sean M.

"As always, a great massage, but full of tips and exercises to prevent future strains and pains"

-Katie M.

"Tony does a great job to make sure he's relieving the problem area as well as providing follow-up information to get the most out of your massage, whether a stretching regimen or suggesting something at home to do to get the most benefit from your time together. Highly recommended!"

-Lori F.

"Tony really understands the function of the musculoskeletal system and how to help repair what ails you! He is a top notch massage therapist!"

-Michelle W.

"Tony was amazing! Totally relaxed me and helped heal my injured shoulder!"

-Courtney H.

"Good information and massage."

-David L.


"Tony has literally saved me so many times. Be open to his gift and be assured that he can help you. Love this man."

-Amy J.

"Everything was great! Both the massage and adjustment were therapeutic and informative."

-Nick T.

"Tony s great! He works with you on your Penelope spots and provides you stretches to help too!"

-Megan C.

"Tony did a fantastic job!!! My shoulder and low back feel so much better! The deep tissue massage he did made me feel so much better. I felt very relaxed afterward. I look forward to another massage sometime next month!"

-Linda M.


  1. Confident, Professional friendly and knowledgeable. 
  2. Great Massage
  3. Deep Body Healing ​

"It was a excellent massage and I am sure I will be back for more"

-Jack R.

"Tony is an awesome massage therapist. He's thorough and professional. He can tell quite a bit from posture about what needs addressed in addition to your primary areas of concern."

-Lauren M.


"Confident, professional, friendly and knowledgeable...you set some target goals to meet during our session while taking the time to educate me to ensure that the benefits of my massage can be prolonged over time. Mission accomplished...you are top-notch in your field!"

-Katie T.

"Awesome, as always. It's like Tony has ESP and knows just where it hurts but then when I leave it always feels so much better!"

-Kim B.

"very good as usual Tony does a good job"

-Rita W.

"Excellent! It was a great experience."

-Shaubhik R.


"Great massage. Tony is the best. I always feel better afterwards. He's an expert."

-Mary S.

I went to this appointment with low back & neck issues. Left feeling much, much better.

-Jenny B.

Tony always does a fantastic job.

-Richard S.